peru / huaraz
The department of Ancash expends itself from its rugged coastline to the highest snow peaks in Peru.
Located in the north of Peru in the heights of the Andes, Huaraz offers you some beautiful landscapes with its snow peaked mountains and crystal-clear lagoons. It is also the craddle of the Chavin culture.
This trip is an alternative for those who have a tight schedule but that still want to see the white snow peaks of the Cordillera Blanca. It is also a great opportunity to witness the constructions of one of the most ancient civilization in Peru, the Chavin.
The Huascaran is the highest summit in Peru and one of the tallest in the world. Escalading this mount is a challenging experience that requires a good experience in mountain climbing and a good acclimatation before beginning this daring adventure. For example, those whose are planning to attempt to climb the Huascaran should have had at least done a 6 days hike and climbed to an altitude of at least 5 000 meters before.