peru / ayacucho
The population of Ayacucho are descendants of the Wari culture, creators of one of the first empires in the history of South America during the 6th and 12th century. As a heritage, they left the city of Wari, a urban and ceremonial center. Known as the Churches city, the is almost a temple around each corner in Ayacucho. The Cathedral of the Jesus Company, San Francisco de Asis, Santo Domingo and Santa Clara are only some of the various churches that we encounter in this town.
The Ayacucho department is crossed by two mountain ranges that divide it in three geographic parts: the altiplanic region to the south, the highlands in the center and the tropical jungles in the north-east.
Located at more than 2 700 meters above sea level, Ayacucho is one of the most interesting cities of the Peruvian Andes. It’s people is rich in traditions and it is mostly reputed for its 33 churches, its colonial buildings, famous artisans and also to be the capital of the Wari Empire.