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Altenative Trekking

A one day biking tour to the magnificent and intriguishing terraces of Moray and to the impressive Salineras of Maras. The tour lasts from 9 a.m. to approximately 3 p.m.

This tour is an alternative to the City Tour, as you will also visit the site of Tambomachay, as well as other archeological sites that are located near Cusco. This is a short trek perfectly adapted for beginners.
Vilcabamba’s archeological site was, in the Inca times, linked to the Machu Picchu and the town of Espiritu Pampa by a network of paths. This trail has been discovered quite recently, which makes it less known than the other ones. This trek gives you the opportunity to be closer to the Andean people.
Espiritu Pampa or plain of the spirits and Vilcabamba or the last capital of the Incas. Persecuted by the Spaniards, the Incas had to take refuge in the most remote regions of the mountains and jungle.

Sensing that he was menaced, Manco Capac, the last Inca, with members of the elite and a few militars, decided to form a neo-politic empire in the center of this valley to perpetuate the tradition of their civilization. At this time, this area was one the the hardest to access, since it was occupied by terrible tribes of warrior like the Ashaninkas and the Cañaris.