peru / choquequirao
The trek to Choquequirao is one of the most physically demanding one of all the trekking circuits you can encounter in Peru as its trail as a lot of very steep uphill and downhill parts. This is the ideal trek for the adventurers in search of a tough challenge.
The 5 days 4 nights trek to Choquequirao offer you the possibility to enjoy more free time in the archeological site that is considered the sacred sister of the Machu Picchu and some time to rest before making your way back to Cachora.
This trek requires that the trekker have a very good physical state, as this is one of the most demanding treks of all. After reaching the site of Choquequirao in two days, we will continue our journey for 6 more days until reaching our final destination, the Machu Picchu.
Visit the sacred sister of the Machu Picchu and enjoy two days in the beautiful town of Cusco.