peru / Ausangate
The Ausangate mount is one of the most impressive and representative one in the area of Cusco. On your way, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful view not only over the Ausangate but over the other gigantic snow-peaked mountains surronding it.
Ausangate is the highest mountain of the region of Cusco (6 384 meters) and the most representative. The trekking route is bypassing the northern side of the mountain, passing by huge glaciers and dozens of andean lagoons on which banks can be observed various andean birds like the huallatas (andean ducks). We will also observe a great quantity of south american camelids like lamas, vicuñas and alpacas.

The Ausangate is the highest mount in the Cusco area heighting at a towering 6 384 meters. On our trek which lasts 4 days, we will march on the north side of this rocky giant, grazing the edge of other enormous glaciers and observing the clear watered lagoons formed by their waters.

This beautiful and demanding trek around the majestic snow-peaked Ausangate gives you the opportunity to have a spectacular panoramic view of the Andean lanscape. The Ausangate is the highest mount of the Vilcanota range.