bolivia / Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz de la Tierra is a tropical paradise of Bolivia. It is a department with a rich vegetation and a wide extension of forest and grasslands. It is located in eastern Bolivia. With a superficy of 320 000 km2, of which a third includes a montainous area and the rest extends to the amazon plain. Its population is approximately 1 400 000 people and the capital of the department is Santa Cruz, locatd a at height of 437 meters. This department is divided in 15 provinces and 150 cantons.

Samaipata is located 120 kilometers from Santa Cruz de la Sierra at 1650 meter above see level with a nice weather (around 22oC). It offers the tourists a place to rest in colonial environment. The rivers that flow in small waterfalls are forming a natural resort. The hospitality of its inhabitants is also worth mentionning for those who wish to discover the countryside of the area and the archeological site of Samaipata.

The area of Chiquitania owes its name to the province of Chiquitos and the inhabitants of this area are called the Chiquitos or Chiquitanos. It was in this area that the Jesuit mission established themselves from the second half of the 17th century. The Jesuit missions of Chiquitos begins with the foundation of the town of San Javier, followed by the ones of San Rafael (1696), San Jose (1697), San Juan (1699), Concepcion (1709), San Miguel (1718), San Ignacio (1748), Santiago (1754), Santa Ana (1755) and Santa Corazon (1760). During these times, the missions of Chiquitos belonged to the Jesuit province of Paraguay.