peru / Puerto Maldonado
Puerto Maldonado
Infinite forests and serpentine rivers that run all the way to the ocean, Madre de Dios is a departement where the wild life abounds in every corner. Puerto Maldonado, its capital, is a place you need to go through to gain access to some of the national parks and reserves of the territory and has been through different times, an important center of rubber, gold, wood and oil exploitation.

On this unforgetable trip to the Peruvian jungle lasting 4 days and 3 nights, you will be able to enjoy the marvels of the rainforest’s ecosytem: its giant trees, its wide vegetation, and unique animals that you can only encounter in this area of the />

As the sunrises, everything seems blurry in the jungle, we navigate on the dark waters of the jungle as the mist covers the entire scenery. At the horizon, only shadows can be seen, but as the fog escapes from the jungle, the scene becomes clearer and cleared and the shadows live to let place to a colourful environment rich in vegetation and wildlife: Welcome to the jungle!